The International Studies Minor is offered to all students in the University who want to add a significant international dimension to their departmental majors. This minor program enables students to explore international topics, issues and research from cross-cultural, transnational perspectives. The program will provide some tools that students can use to understand better the global context of the modern world and to learn the international dimensions of their chosen fields of study.


  • Completion of 15 credit hours of coursework
  • Have successfully completed or completing the foreign language proficiency requirement FL 202. FL 202 does not count as a course for the minor.
  • A grade of 'C-' or better is required in all courses in the minor program.
  • Only one (1) course at the 200-level from the three elective courses is permitted.
  • A maximum of ONE (1) course may be used (double-counted) towards both departmental major requirements and minor requirements. Students cannot obtain a minor in their major.
  • A maximum of 6 transfer credt hours may be applied towards the International Studies minor.
  • No courses for the minor may be taken for S/U credit.

Required Courses (6 credit hours)

IS 200 Introduction to International Studies
IS 393 International Seminar in International Studies

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select from Groups A & B as follows:

3-hour Elective Course in Group A
3-hour Elective Course in Group B
3-hour Elective Course in Group A or B

Group A: comparative, problem or issue type courses

ANT 252 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 254 Language & Culture
ANT/SOC 261 Technology in Society and Culture
ANT 412 Applied Anthropology
ANT 431 Tourism, Culture & Anthropology
ANT 433 Anthropology of Ecotourism and Heritage Conservation
ANT 444 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women
ANT 450 Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Living
ANT 460 Urban Anthropology
ARS 353 Arts & Cross-Cultural Contacts
COM 392 International & Cross-cultural Communication
COM 447 Communication & Globalization
EC 348 Introduction to International Economics
EC 448 International Trade
EC 449 International Finance
EC 472 The Rise of Industrialism
ENG/FL 219 Studies in Great Works of Non-Western Literature
ENG/FL 223 Contemporary World Literature I
ENG/FL 224 Contemporary World Literature II
ENG/FL 392 Major World Author
ENG/FL 394 Studies in World Literature
ENG/FL 497 Senior Seminar in World Literature
FLS 340 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures and Cultures (formerly FLS 300)
GEO 200 Principles of Geography
GEO/SOC 220 Cultural Geography
GPH 201 Fundamentals of Global Public Health
HA 201 History of Art From Ancient Greece Through the Renaissance
HA 202 History of Art From the Renaissance Through the 20th Century
HI 207 Ancient World to 180 A.D.
HI 208 The Middle Ages
HI 232 The World from 1200 to 1750
HI 233 The World in the 20th Century
HI 419 Modern European Imperialism
HI 420 European Diplomatic History
HI 453 US-Latin American Relations Since 1823
HI 454 History of U.S. Foreign Relations, 1900-Present
HI 465 Oil and Crisis in the Gulf
HI 478 Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa
IDS 305 Peace in the Global Village
MUS 205 Introduction to Music in Western Society
MUS 320 Music of the 20th Century
PHI 420 Global Justice
PS 231 Introduction to International Relations
PS 236 Issues in Global Politics
PS 241 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PS 331 US Foreign Policy
PS 335 International Law
PS 336 Global Environmental Politics
PS 339 Politics of the World Economy
PS 431 The United Nations & Global Order
PS 433 Global Problems and Policies
PS 434 Ethnic Conflict and Political Violence
PS 445 Comparative Systems & Law & Justice
REL 300 Religious Traditions of the World
REL 383 Religion, Globalism, and Justice
SOC 342 International Development
SOC 450 Environmental Sociology
STS 322 Technological Catastrophes
STS 323 World Population & Food Prospects
STS 402 Peace & War in the Nuclear Age
STS 484 Cross-cultural Technology Transfer
WGS 444 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women

Group B: Area Studies Type

African Studies
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AFS 240 African Civilization
AFS 241 Intro to African-American Studies II
AFS 342 Intro to African Diaspora
AFS 343 African Religions
AFS 442 Issues in the African Diaspora
ANT 330 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ENG/AFS 349 African Literature in English
AFS/HI 275 Introduction to History of South and East Africa
AFS/HI 276 Introduction to History of West Africa
AFS/HI 475 History of the Republic of South Africa
HI 476 Leadership in Modern Africa
AFS/HI 479 Africa (sub-Saharan) in the 20th Century
HI 478 Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa
REL 340 Islam

East and Southeast Asia (formally "East Asian Studies")
ANT 346 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
ANT/FLJ 351 Contemporary Culture in Japan
ANT 354 People and Cultures of the Pacific
FLJ 342 Classical Japanese Literature in Translation
FLJ 344 Early Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
FLJ 345 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
FLJ/ANT 351 Contemporary Culture in Japan
HI 263 Asian Civilizations to 1800
HI 264 Modern Asia 1800-Present
HI 371 Moden Japan, 1850 to Present
HI 471 Revolutionary China
HI 473 Japan's Empire in Asia, 1868-1945
MUS 350 World Music I: Music of Asia
PS 342 Politics of China & Japan
REL 230 South Asian Religious Traditions
REL 332 The Buddhist Traditions
REL 333 Chinese Religions
REL 334 Japanese Religions

South Asia and Middle East (formally "South and West Asian Studies")
ANT 346 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
FLA 301 Advanced Intermediate Arabic I
FLN 301 Twentieth Century Hindi & Urdu Fiction
FLN 302 Modern Hindi & Urdu Poetry
FLN 401 Hindi Literature and South Asian Cultural Contexts
HI 263 Asian Civilizations to 1800
HI 264 Modern Asia: 1800-Present
HI 270 Modern Middle East
HI 370 Modern Egypt
HI 374 Visual Culture of Modern South Asia
HI 400 Civilization of the Ancient Near East
HI/REL 407 Islamic History to 1798
HI/REL 408 Islam in the Modern World
HI 465 Oil and Crisis in the Gulf
HI 466 History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
HI 474 Modern India
HI 477 Women in the Middle East
MUS 350 World Music I: Music of Asia
PS 343 Government & Politics in S. Asia
PS 345 Government & Politics in the Middle East
REL 331 The Hindu Tradition
REL 332 The Buddhist Traditions
REL 340 Islam
REL 350 Introduction to Judaism

European Studies
ARS 251 The Arts of a World Capital: London
ARS 252 The Arts of Vienna 1900
CLA 210 Classical Mythology
ENG/FL 220 Studies in Great Works of Western Literature
ENG/FL 221 Literature of the Western World I
ENG/FL 222 Literature of the Western World II
ENG 246 Literature of the Holocaust
ENG 251 Major British Writers
ENG 261 English Literature I
ENG 262 English Literature II
ENG 362 The British Novel of the 18th Century
ENG 363 The British Novel in the 19th Century
ENG 406 Modernism
ENG 407 Postmodernism
ENG 439 17th Century English Literature
ENG 449 16th Century English Literature
ENG 452 Medieval British Literature
ENG 453 The Romantic Period
ENG 460 Major British Author
ENG 462 18th-Century English Literature
ENG 463 The Victorian Period
ENG 464 British Literature, 1900-1945
ENG 465 British LIterature, Since 1945
FL 215 Discovering France
FL 216  Art and Society in France
FLF 212 French: Language, Culture, and Technology
FLF 301 Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment
FLF 302 Survey of French Literature from Romanticism to the Contemporary Period
FLF 315 French Civilization & Culture
FLF 318 The Heritage of French Cinema
FLF 321 French Cultures & Contexts
FLF 425 Literature, Cinema & Culture of the Francophone World
FLG 212 German Language, Culture, Science and Technology
FLG 315 Germanic Civilization and Culture
FLG 325 German Lyric Poetry (formerly FLG 316)
FLG 318 New German Cinema
FLG 320 Introduction to German Literature
FLG 323 20th Century German Literature
FLG 390 German Studies Topics
FLG 398 Independent Study in German
FLG 420 Current Issues in German-Language Media
FLG 430 Cultural Artifacts in the German-Speaking Countries
FLG 440 Green Germany: Nature and Environment in German Speaking Cultures
FLG 492 Senior Seminar in German Studies
FLI 318  Italian Society Through Cinema
FLR 303 Russian Literature in Translation: 19th century
FLR 304 Russian Literature in Translation: 20th Century
FLR 318 Russian Cinema and Society
FLS 319 Children's & Adolescent's Lit in Spain & Latin America
FLS 341 Literature and Culture of Spain I
FLS 342 Literature and Culture of Spain II
FLS 343 Literature and Culture of Spain III
FLS 360 Hispanic Cinema
FLS 411 Topics in the Culture of Spain
FLS 413 Spain and the Americas in Transatlantic Perspective
HA 401 19th Century European Art
HA 404 Italian Renaissance Masters
HI 205 Western Civilization Since 1400
HI 209 Europe, Renaissance to Waterloo, 1300-1815
HI 210 Modern Europe 1815-Present
HI 221 British History to 1688
HI 222 History of British Cultures and Societies From 1688
HI 332 Germany and the World Wars (formerly HI 432)
HI 403 Ancient Greek Civilization
HI 404 Rome to 337 A.D.
HI 405 History and Archaeology of the Roman Empire
HI 406 From Roman Empire to Middle Ages
HI 410 Italian Renaissance
HI 411 The Protestant and Catholic Reformation of the 16th Century
HI 412 The Sexes and Society in Early-Modern Europe
HI 414 France in the Old Regime
HI 415 The French Revolution
HI 418 Fascist Italy & Nazi Germany
HI 419 Modern European Imperialism
HI 420 European Diplomatic History
HI 421 European Intellectual History: The 18th Century
HI 422 European Intellectual History: The 19th Century
HI 423 Women in European Enlightenment
HI 425 Tudor and Stuart England
HI 429 20th Century Britain
HI 430 Modern France
HI 431 Germany: Luther to Bismarck 1500-1871
HI 435 Europe Since 1945
HI 438 The Russian Empire to 1917
HI 439 History of the Soviet Union & After
HI 483 Science and Religion in European History
HI 484 Science in European Culture
MUS 310 Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries
MUS 315 Music of 19th Century Europe
PS 341 European Politics
REL 350 Introduction to Judaism

Latin America Studies
ANT 325 Andean South America
FLS 300 Intro to Hispanic Literature
FLS 319 Children's & Adolescent's Lit in Spain & Latin America
FLS 351 Literature and Culture of Latin America I
FLS 352 Literature and Culture of Latin America II
FLS 353 Literature and Culture of Latin America III
FLS 360 Hispanic Cinema
FLS 412 Topics in the Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean
FLS 413 Spain and the Americas in Transatlantic Perspective
HI 215 Latin America to 1826
HI 216 Latin America Since 1826
HI 453 US-Latin American Relations Since 1823
HI 454 Histtory of U.S. Foreign Relations, 1900-Present
HI 467 Modern Mexico
HI 469 Latin American Revolutions in the 20th Century
PS 443 Seminar in Latin & Caribbean Politics
SW 440 International Learning Experience in Social Work

Admissions and Certification of Minor

Students must submit an "Application for Minor" form to the CHASS Dean's Office, 106Q Caldwell, at any time prior to the end of the pre-registration period of the student's final semester. Students interested in pursuing the International Studies minor should contact the person listed below.

Prior to the end of the first week of the student's final semester, the student must sign the application form, indicating all grades received for the courses completed in the minor program and the courses to be taken during the student's final semester. Also, the form must indicate that the student has completed or is completing the foreign language requirement, which is FL 202. The contact person below will certify the completion of the minor.

Contact Person

Dr.  Haddy Njie
107-C 1911 Building

SIS Code:  16ISM