Category: Engineering ( sorted by "title" in "descending" order )

Titlesort icon Effective Date
Paper Science and Engineering 2013-11-08
Paper Science & Engineering (BS) and Chemical Engineering (BS) (Dual Major) 2013-11-08
Nuclear Engineering (BS) (14NEBS) 2013-01-01
Mechanical Engineering (BS) (14MEBS) 2015-07-01
Materials Science & Engineering (BS): Nanomaterials (14MSEBS-14MSENANO) 2015-01-01
Materials Science & Engineering (BS): Biomaterials (14MSEBS-14MSEBIO) 2015-01-01
Materials Science & Engineering (BS) (14MSEBS) 2015-01-01
Industrial Engineering (BS): Furniture Manufacturing (14IEBS-14IEFUR) 2013-01-01
Industrial Engineering (BS) (14IEBS) 2014-03-04
Environmental Engineering (BS) (14ENEBS) 2013-01-01
Engineering First Year 2012-06-01
Engineering (BS): Mechatronics (Joint NCSU-UNCA) (14EGRBS-14EGRJEM) 2015-08-01
Engineering (BS): Mechanical Engineering Systems (Havelock) (14EGRBS-14EGRMES) 2013-01-01
Engineering (BS) (14EGRBS) 2013-01-01
Electrical Engineering (BS): Renewable Electric Energy Systems (14EEBS-14EEREN) 2013-01-01
Electrical Engineering (BS) (14EEBS) 2013-01-01
Construction Engineering & Management (BS): Mechancial Construction (14CEMBS-14CEMMEC) 2015-01-01
Construction Engineering & Management (BS): General Construction (14CEMBS-14CEMGEN) 2015-01-01
Computer Science (BS): Game Development (14CSCBS-14CSCGAME) 2013-01-01
Computer Science (BS) (14CSCBS) 2013-01-01
Computer Engineering (BS) (14CPEBS) 2013-01-01
Civil Engineering (BS) (14CEBS) 2015-07-01
Chemical Engineering (BS): Sustainable Engineering, Energy and the Environment (14CHEBS-14CHESEE) 2013-01-01
Chemical Engineering (BS): Nanoscience (14CHEBS-14CHENAN) 2013-01-01
Chemical Engineering (BS): Honors Program (14CHEBS-14CHEHON) 2013-01-01
Chemical Engineering (BS): Biomolecular (14CHEBS-14CHEBIO) 2013-01-01
Chemical Engineering (BS): Biomanufacturing Sciences (14CHEBMF) 2013-01-01
Chemical Engineering (BS) and Paper Science & Engineering (BS) (Dual Major) (15PSEBS-15PSENDM) 2013-01-01
Chemical Engineering (BS) (14CHEBS) 2013-01-01
Chemical Engineering & Textile Engineering (BS): Dual Major (14CHEBS-14CHETE) 2013-01-01
Biomedical Engineering (BS) (14BMEBS) 2013-01-01
Aerospace Engineering (BS) (14AEBS) 2013-06-01